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  1. Please update map per by laws changes approved at convention. Change La Crosse and Monroe Counties to District 1, Iron county change to district 2

    1. Commandant Beattie,
      I appreciate the opportunity to attend the meeting of the Marine Corps League in Black River Falls last night. It gave me great insight into the mission statement and goals of the local unit and the League overall. It was a pleasure, as well, to meet all of the members and officers of the unit.
      I hope that I will be found acceptable to the League and can become involved in the various operations and be an asset to the League in any way that I can.
      Just to note, I am being sponsored by Jonathon Marez of Chippewa Falls and hope to be an asset to the possible forming of the Fire Team, in this area upon it’s formation.
      I have filled out the application and will get it back to Jonathon for presentation to the membership comity for possible acceptance.
      My contact info, in case of need:
      Jonathon (Jon) W. Hood (Wife – Kate)
      4920 N Shore Drive
      Eau Claire, WI – 54703
      Cell – 505.634.6996
      email – jonathon.hood@hotmail.com
      Once again, I thank you and everyone else present for being allowed to attend the very insightful meeting.
      Semper Fi !,
      Jon Hood

  2. I paid my dies to Agerholm Gross detachment. My check was cashed but I never received my membership card. I no longer live in Racine but I am still a member of that detachment. I would appreciate it if you could find out where my card is. If they can’t get me one, I would like to be a member at large for the state. Thank you for your help. Semper Fi.

  3. I am the production manager here at Green Valley Enterprises (GVE) in Beaver Dam, WI. We have been providing different detachments in Wisconsin and the United States with Marine Corps Roses for years now. When the detachments find out how little we charge in comparison with your national center they are truly amazed!
    Rose Only = $0.20 each
    Rose w/ either a personalized label or a ribbon = $0.21 each
    Rose w/ both a personalized label and a ribbon = $0.22 each
    smadeiros@gveinc.org (to order)

  4. Please correct my address to 14537 46th ave. I do not know where 14576 46th came from. Also my first name is misspelled. It is Jonathon Marez.

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